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How Can You Tell You Are a High Performer?

Even if your manager may not spell it out for you, these are three signs that you are a high performing individual at work.

1. You get a constant flow of new opportunities

One of the surest sign of trust is that your Team Leader is nominating you to run new projects. Of course projects come in different sizes and level of urgency. For this, we are talking about the projects that may have catastrophic impact to the business if not run well. Also, this is based on the assumption that you are not working in a start-up environment where you have to juggle multiple hats with limited resources.

Your Team Leader's job is to constantly stretch you and mold you to be the best version of yourself. Your Team Leader would keep an eye on how you are doing with the current tasks at hand.

When there are new opportunities for you to make a even bigger impact and your Team Leader puts your name in the hat for it, it shows the trust that he/she has in you to do an excellent job.

2. You are nominated to speak at department wide meeting

If you are nominated to represent your office to speak at regional or global level wide meeting - congratulations to you!

Your manager will never nominate someone who is known for being tardy because this sends the wrong signal to the person. Your managers would want someone to represent them well.

Bottom line is - if you are given more visibility constantly, it tells you that you are doing something right.

3. You are given more autonomy

Before, your Team Leader would be asking more questions like:

- How are you going to approach this?

- What does your business plan looks like?

Now, your Team Leader is asking questions like: - What can I do to support you?

- How do you think we can do better in this?

This means you are at a point in which he/she trusts that you know what you need to do. Your Team Leader has shifted himself/herself to support you as an additional resource.

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