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I Wish This Could Have Been Done Better

"This is so crap."

"This is a mess."

"I wish this could have been done better."


If you have a better solution in mind, what is stopping you from voicing out?

What is stopping you from implementing your better ideas?

Is it because it's not "within your job scope"? Afraid of overstepping boundaries?

The fact that you recognize that it could be better means you have the knowledge to make it better.

Lamenting without constructive action or voice will just forge your identity as a Complainer.

Don't go down that road.

Go beyond yourself. Do the bigger jobs.

Expand your comfort zone. Do it for yourself to stretch your limits.

Hone your craft.

Always be the best version of yourself.

Pick up the broken pieces and show the world how you would do it differently and better.

You only know yourself when you go beyond your limits - Paulo Coelho

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