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The Only Tip You Need for Effective Presentation

"How can I improve on my presentation skills?" is a question I get a lot. The only tip you need to build effective presentation skills is to practice deliberately. If you are looking for a detailed framework of an effective presentation, please see this post, if you'd like to. What is deliberate practice?

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Plant an Evaluator in the Audience

Plant a person whom you trust would give you honest and constructive feedback within the audience. When your presentation is over, ask for feedback.

When asking for feedback, it's best to avoid generic question like "how do you find my presentation?"

Be specific. For example "What are 2 things you like as an audience? What are 2 things you wish I could have done differently as an audience?"

What are you Working On?

There must be something you are working on - pace, tone, audience engagement or clear explanation etc.

When you are delivering the presentation, prioritize the items.

For example, if you had been given feedback in the past that you don't explain things clearly. Then focus on articulating concise sentences. Focus on analogy to get your point across.

Have a Plan

Building skills take time. Don't feel disheartened if you don't see immediate improvement.

You don't see six-packs just because you have had one hard session at the gym. You have worked hard, but it requires consistent practice over time before you see results.

It's the same for presentation skills.

Make a plan. Create a schedule for 3 months ahead. Make a point to create at least 1 to 2 presentation opportunities every week. Map up what you want to practice each time. Plant an evaluator within the audience each time.

Practice deliberately. Over time, I am very sure that you'd see the difference.

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